guest post ~ marta

my cousin marta was in provo for a week, she is all into water sports; sailing, diving, kite surfing is her thing – so i was sure she would fit right in! she stayed for a week and brought our aunt mafalda and her cousin francisca – we had a fab time!

what do you think makes turks and caicos (providenciales) so special?

Its natural beauty is amazing! About the underwater world, I believe i’ll never forget the images i keep dreaming about. Then onshore, at every beach we went, there was always a new detail that took my breath away along with the mixtures of blues and greens of the water. It just feels like getting into the water right away- it’s paradise!

what were your favorite things to do whilst on island?

My number one thing was to go diving. It was my first time with sharks and turtles and it was an amazing experience! The reef walls and all the existing life along with the beautiful underwater gardens are just unforgettable! As a second point, I have to say I loved relaxing on the beach and go for a swim over and over again on those warm waters…

would you recommend to a friend?

I would definitely recommend to a friend specially to a diving fan that wants to relax in paradise! Thank you Joana and James for this amazing and unforgettable week! I had a really good time!!

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