pinning countries

whilst i plan and dream about our vacations for 2012, i fall in love with this map for my wall – it comes with 202 pins, plus two different coloured ones to mark home and the next trip.

a few months back, my brother got my parents, my sister and i all competitive about how many countries had each one been to in our lives – how many pins would you be using in the map?

8 thoughts on “pinning countries

  1. Adoro, adoro, adoro! Sabes que ando à procura assim dum mapa para pôr na minha parede encarnada? Mas em vez de pins eu poria fotografias dos sítios visitados! Portanto tinha de ser um mapa mesmo grande! Eu acho que já cheguei aos 30 e alguma coisa… Fiz a conta no outro dia, mas não me lembro!

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