blogshop mondays / winter at the beach

Hi There!  I’m Chelsea from Lovely Indeed, and I’m so happy to be visiting here on My Sea Story!  What a treat to have the adorable Joana welcome me to her gorgeous blog.

I live in New York City, where fall is definitely in full swing, and we’re headed for a snowy and cold winter.  But all that being said, I’d still hit the beach any day, winter or not!  I think that when you’re heading to the beach during the summer, the packing is pretty self-explanatory.  But what about when it’s cold outside and you simply have to stick your toes in some sand?  Here are my picks for hitting the beach when it might be just a little cooler outside.  xoxo

1.  A knit bow to keep your head toasty.  2.  A zip-up hoodie for coziness.  3.  Some comfy boyfriend jeans.  4.  Some cute iPod speakers to play some tunes.  5.  A striped blanket to wrap yourself up in.  6.  A firefly lantern to light up the dark evening.  7.  Some cool lighters, just in case a bonfire is in order.

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