guest post ~ clarissa

clarissa and hayden are james’s friends from malta, they love diving as much as he does, so they came over to spend a week with us before the end of season – and they were our first guests at home!

what do you think makes turks and caicos (providenciales) so special?

Diving amongst the most varied marine life and different species that one can imagine! The sharks were a favourite of ours :-)

what were your favourite things to do whilst in the island?

Some of our favourite stuff was just walking along the endless white sandy beaches and swimming in that crystal clear turquoise water and spotting the sting ray & various fish & shells.

would you recommend to a friend?

We would definitely recommend Turks to our friends! It’s a lovely island with a really laid back feel and its a great place for one to unwind and relax! We can’t wait to come back :-)

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