my parents just got back from their holidays in açores and i got a little jealous of their trip…açores are such beautiful islands, with so much to explore, amazing landscapes, but yet not very touristic. the first time i went i was 18 and i remember thinking – so, this is what paradise looks like!

found this cute picture of a caretta caretta turtle surrounded by pilot fish taken in açores – doesn’t it look like a pixar character?

caretta caretta turtles, or loggerhead sea turtles, are the same ones we find here in turks and caicos!

picture from here

7 thoughts on “açores

  1. Azores is a group of islands , ouest of portugal continental, takes 2 hours , by plane, to get there. corvo, flores, faial, terceira, pico, são jorge,graciosa, são miguel and santa maria. each island is different from the others. they’re absolutelly marvelous, with wonderful landscapes, flowers, amazing natural pools by the sea, delfins and quiet turism, no people, only cows all over the fields, tracking, fishing,whale watching, diving, bathing, paradise!!!!!
    joana and james you’ve got to go there; just go 3 days to são jorge, get a car, sleep in velas, bathe in the ocean,get to the nord along those roads; go to graciosa, stay 1 nigth, i’ve never gone, I”l go next time, they say it’s precious; cross over to pico by boat , stay 3 nights, go up the mountain, it takes 3h or 4h, and you get the most amazing view of several islands, go and do whale watch , bathe all around the island the best sea-bathe I’ve ever have, then cross one day to faial, you must go to the vulcan’s mouth, with flowers all over, you can go down, takes time, and listen to the silence; the most beautiful hydrangeas; then by plane to flores, you must stay 3 nights , here you have the beautiful things of the islands, in small quantities, and loads of red flowers, the nature, they say it is the most beautiful, it is small and lovely; you should hire a sailsboat with someone that takes you to corvo, all around; then by plane to terceira, and stay 2 nights, you must go to biscoitos, a place where you have the most amazing bath among volcanic rocks, of course you should assist to a bullfight, it not a real one, it is special, just go and try to be with people from the place.don’t forget the espírito santo’s feast, and if you can be part of a procession to the patrone, i cried last time, this is so emotive; by plane to são miguel and of course you must stay 3 nights. here you have some signals of tourism, loths of sightseeing, vulcan’s mouths, beautiful gardens in furnas, lagoa do fogo, salto do cavalo, lagoa das sete cidades, lagoa azul, go to lagoa das furnas and have the special dish of cozido , whale watch again, visit the tea’sproduction, visit our friends in furnas. they all have lovely tropical, oriental gardens, as the weather is so special. you can have the four stations in the same day; cross by plane or boat to santa maria, just to feel the white sand under your feet. and leave the islands with the sensation of having had 1 month of paradise!

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