i was at the beach last weekend with james and our dear brazilian friend gisele and we were talking about how many people we knew from our own country living on island. provo has lot’s of american, canadian, british and french expats – portuguese, brazilian and vietnamese are not so common. when you live abroad, in such a secluded place, you get really surprised when you know that someone from your country lives nearby.

james was proud to be the only vietnamese in provo, and assumed he would never find another vietnamese living here…he was so wrong – just one day later, when we went to lay out in our pool, we met a vietnamese neighbour who lives in our own condo! Totally unexpected!

ps – i know of 5 other portuguese people living in provo, i haven’t met them all but i can’t wait! gisele knows of 4 other brazilian and they are all close friends.

2 thoughts on “compatriot

  1. Hey there! It’s your Vietnamese neighbor. Great blog! I came across it a couple of weeks ago while searching for a particular beach near Provo. Lol. You can tell James he can continue to be proud! I was born in the States. “Made in Vietnam” and “Born in the USA”. Also, I’m not 100% Vietnamese. There’s a bit of French in me too. : )

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