guest post ~ peter

peter was our first visitor in provo, he came over in may and it was reallly nice having him around – plus, he takes amazing pictures, some posted here and here.

since we had our second visitors recently, i thought it would be fun to hear about our guests’ point of view of the island. and hope to have many more friends and family visiting the island!

what do you think makes turks and caicos (providenciales) so special?

In my opinion, what makes Providenciales so special is the authenticity of its island character that’s still insulated from rampant tourism that mobs other island destinations. One can explore pristine and uncrowded beaches, and the only companions could be your thoughts, the smooth sound of the crashing waves and the breeze flowing thru the incredibly blue sky. It is just a stunning island destination worthy of all travel magazine covers. And being a foodie, the food was pretty satisfying.

what were your favourite things to do whilst in the island? 

The most wonderful thing about my week is waking up everyday, walking out from my room and seeing the wonderful turquoise blue water dancing in the sunshine. It was just unbelievably energizing to start your day this way. The other memorable event during my stay was a wonderful drive around the island with Joana and James. We explored an authentic ship wreck by wading out thru knee deep clear water; That was just awesome.

would you recommend to a friend?

Yes with no reservation, I would definitely recommend it to a friend.

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