enough of SoCal and back to the reality of T&C. I’ve been a busy bee searching for a temp place to stay. unfortunately, after three amazing months at the mansions (…i can’t believe it’s been so long!), and because the furniture of our house is not here yet, we had to look for somewhere else to stay during the next month.

staying at the mansions couldn’t have been better, right on the beach, with so much light and so close to all the restaurants and hotels in grace bay beach.

we will miss our days in our first home in T&C…

pictures by Peter Vu

3 thoughts on “movin’

  1. I am really going to miss the Mansions… right on an empty stretch of beach with hardly anyone around to bother you…. we had an amazing back porch with sun beds if we didn’t feel walking a few steps to the beach and a very useful brbq which we used quite often for fish, steaks, corns, etc…

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