julia 17/52

julia-1752julia at 15 months – at the sea shore, running away from her shadow, it was hilarious to see her reaction – running and stopping to make sure the shadow wasn’t stopping too, and i feel so lucky to witness her little adventures ♡

a weekly portrait of my daughter 

myseastory turns 4!

myseastory-turns-4it’s been 4 years today since i first started blogging – it’s been interesting to share my last years on the blog, with highs and lows, with more or less inspirations, before and after attending blogshop, and pre and post pregnancy. through the blog, i’ve met amazing bloggers and (hope) to have helped many people who write to me asking for tips and recommendations on turks and caicos.

the purpose of the blog was initially to create a place to find a more personal view on life in turks and caicos, wether you’d want to move here or spend your vacation. then i decided to share our traveling adventures too. but most of all, i really, really enjoy having a visual diary of my experiences on island, now being julia a big part of it.

thank you, to all myseastory readers, friends and family, for following along ♡

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ps – my very first post!

julia 16/52 + first haircut!

julia-1652julia at 15 months – we waited for my mum to be on island to go for julia’s first haircut. she was in desperate need of one – every day in the water, she would have her bangs all over her eyes. to be honest, i was dreading it and didn’t think she would let the scissors get near her. but she proved me wrong and super behaved! ♡

a weekly portrait of my daughter 

julia 15/52

julia-1552julia at 15 months – we celebrated my birthday with a weekend in miami, the first trip julia was running around all over, and we had to make sure we had enough toddler friendly activities to keep her entertained ♡

a weekly portrait of my daughter 

on instagram lately / 07

april-instagram-by-myseastoryin april julia and i had a girls trip to denver – we had a great time with our friends who used to live just next door to us in provo, and met julia since she was a newborn. we also had my cousin finally visiting and it was so much fun showing her around the island. the weather’s been really hot, sometimes it feels like summer has arrived way too early – not complaining though, we’ve been really enjoying late afternoons by the beach and pool.

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