julia 45 / 52


julia at 22 months – we’re on a mission to explore different playgrounds in the city (more on that soon), although julia likes her favorite and usually sticks to the swing ♡

a weekly portrait of my daughter

happy thanksgiving y’all!

happy-thanksgiving-by-myseastory-2015from new orleans to wherever you are, and if you’re in the us, hope you have a great holiday weekend! we’re taking it easy, going out for a meal and excited to have a mini stay cation in new orleans.

this year i am thankful for my health, for my family, for my friends, old and new, and for our new home, and of course for every moment that i get to spend with my daughter and see her grow.

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last weekend in new orleans

new-orleans-by-myseastory-1as i mentioned on a previous post, we’re ready to soak on all the activities that new orleans has to offer, it was one of the main reasons we left turks and caicos, we were all in for busier weekends. last weekend was surprisingly cold (10C/50F!!) we were totally unprepared for  this! but we still managed to leave the house for a target-less weekend, this is what we were up to – Continue reading

about moving with a toddler

julia-3852moving isn’t easy, let alone moving from an island to a city, with a 20 month old toddler. julia is a baby traveller, we take her everywhere, she’s been on more than 40 flights and stayed at numerous hotels, that’s how we roll. everyone told me that if she was used to traveling, she would adapt easier than us. but reality wasn’t exactly like that, we knew what to expect (packing, new places, new people and new ways of getting our way round), but she, she couldn’t exactly tell what was going on.

the first few weeks were really hard, we are definitely not homebodies, but some days i would barely leave the house with the fear of a huge tantrum in the middle of nowhere. we had two episodes (once because she wanted to go to a swing on someone else’s front porch and another time at whole foods) they were embarrassing, and these were the hardest i’ve ever had to deal with julia. i love her to pieces and it broke my heart seeing her so confused and unhappy.

i learned a few things along the way which i hope can help if you’re planning to move with a toddler – Continue reading