our wedding anniversary weekend

my-sea-story-parrot-cay-1i know i’ve posted about parrot cay before but i don’t think i will ever get tired of visiting this beautiful island – we are so lucky to be a 20 minute boat ride away, and every reason to celebrate, we’re there!

so a couple of weeks ago, james and i went for the weekend, with the excuse of celebrating our 2nd wedding anniversary, and we brought julia with us, of course ;) we were also visiting my cousin, who’s been living on the island for the past year and a half, and sadly will be leaving soon.

my-sea-story-parrot-cay-2arriving saturday morning and leaving sunday afternoon, it was a great break from provo. we were lucky to get a beach villa so we chilled at the beach and our pool all day long. julia was just starting to crawl, with the wooden floors, it was the perfect place to practice – swimming, napping, chilling and good food (and strolling, a new favorite verb) – just perfect!

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food for thought in turks and caicos

myseastory---food-for-thought-1there’s definitely a lack of healthy food options here in provo, so i tried melissa’s food for thought lunches over the course of a week. it’s genius – on friday she sends out lunch and dinner menus for the following week. and then every day we can pick up our meals at green bean or big al’s. not only did i feel great for eating healthy, but it was also nice not having to cook lunch.

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my life in turks and caicos…with a baby


when i went home to portugal this summer, i got asked a lot of questions about my life with julia here on island. she was very clingy during our first days in portugal and my friends and family just assumed it was because she wasn’t used to socializing with a lot of people – you must be home with her all day – they said. little did they know… to help me with the baby blues, i was out all the time, so julia got used to coming with me for coffee with friends, baby groups and mid week lunches with james.

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my-sea-story-2this summer we went to portugal for a few weeks, we were mainly going for my brother’s wedding, to catch up with family and friends whom we miss so much, and hadn’t seen julia since she was a newborn. we always love going home to portugal, but it doesn’t really feel like we are going on a trip together. so we also wanted to go somewhere new,  a short flight away from portugal, easy to bring julia with us – and of course, we weren’t really looking for a beach destination.

my-sea-story-33we decided on copenhagen and stockholm, both child friendly cities, plus, it wouldn’t be too hot. we stayed in copenhagen for three night and picked an hotel in indre by, so we could easily stroll to nearby coffee shops and restaurants. Continue reading