happy birthday

happy-birthday-juliato my baby girl, who is 1 year old today ♡

words cannot describe the happiness she has brought to our lives. it has been undoubtfully challenging, but i feel the luckiest person in the world to have her, watch her grow every day and see the world through her eyes. she is smart, sweet and curious. she smiles with her eyes and laughs out loud. she likes to be out and about and talks a lot, she babbles all-day-long…

this year, i will be posting a portrait of julia, once a week, every week.

10 tips for flying with a baby

tips-on-flying-with-a-baby-by-myseastoryas we approach our next flight from portugal to turks and caicos, i’ve been thinking on what can make our “experience” smoother…anything to help me ease the pain!  1 or 2 hour flights don’t worry me too much, but flying alone with julia to miami and catching another flight to providenciales… is not something i look forward to!

julia’s first flight was at 6 weeks old, from lisbon to miami, i was tense the whole flight, but compared to nowadays, it was easy peasy. she’s been on 18 flights and these are the things i’ve learned along the way – Continue reading

the 5 most read posts of 2014

a few of your favorite posts from 2014, if you’d like to see – my-sea-story-living-in-turks-and-caicos-with-a-babymy life in turks and caicos with a baby – the pros and cons of island life (for me) with a newborn

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my-sea-story-33copenhagen – our 4 day baby friendly trip we did last summer

happy new year


and happy kings’ day! hope you had a wonderful holiday season. after christmas in turks & caicos, julia and i flew home to portugal, just in time for new years eve, and spent it by the fireplace, with our family, and pretty stoked about my sister‘s engagement news – what a great start of the year for our family!

i’ve been having a very cold, but amazing week in lisbon, catching up with friends and spending time with loved ones. julia and i will be here for a couple of more weeks. it took her a while to get used to wearing clothes and shoes! i think it’ll take her a little longer to walk, since she’s used to having a lot more freedom moving around. she’s loving all the attention…gets clapped pretty much all the time, and that makes her day!

ps – last year

on instagram lately / 03


december was so busy, and i’m grateful for that, and for the friends and life we have on island. christmas was so much better than i expected, and now we’re excited to be spending time in lisbon. it’s sunny and beautiful, and it’s home.

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