julia 12/52

julia-1252julia at 14 months – last week at footprints on the beach with our baby group – just lounging and having raisins, her favorite snack, after a swim in the pool…baby life in turks and caicos ♡

a weekly portrait of my daughter 

julia 11/52

julia-1152julia at 14 months – she got some beach overload last week, whilst touring the island for my cousin’s visit, but somehow, managed to keep her hat on for longer than usual. it was nice to visit other beaches with julia and see how she enjoyed each one differently. we’ve been going to the beach or pool every day and she’s becoming really comfortable in the water, its so fun to see ♡

a weekly portrait of my daughter 

on instagram lately / 06


in march we made a quick trip to santo domingo in the dominican republic, where we are dying to go back. the weather in provo was not so good, hence the lack of beach pictures, but it looks like it’s only getting better. and we ended the month with my cousin finally visiting, (we’re having hot cross buns today, which is a novelty for us!) happy easter weekend, friends, hope you have some sunshine with you xx

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julia 10/52

julia-1052julia at 14 months –  last week at bugaloo’s, we found yet another great spot for julia to run around and splash with no limits ♡

a weekly portrait of my daughter 

my turks and caicos guide

myseastory-turks-and-caicos-mini-guideas we approach the date to my cousin’s visit, i started drafting yet another email with tips and suggestions on what to do in turks and caicos. every time we have someone visiting i like to put my personal suggestions together hoping that they have the time of their life and don’t miss out on anything. i love doing this and try to give detailed input as if it was for me.

so i thought why not have a permanent short guide for anyone planning to visit? i will keep this info with easy access and update regularly as new places and spots come up (or my opinion changes) – Continue reading