baby break at parrot cay


baby break at parrot cay | myseastoryfor my birthday, last month, we wanted to take it very easy, julia and i had just been back to provo for over a month and we were still getting the hang of it. so we decided to get away and spend the day close by, at parrot cay.

baby break at parrot cay | myseastory

baby break at parrot cay | myseastory

our lunch faves – clockwise starting top left – tuna tataki: gypsy salad: pannacota with berries sorbet: cesar with prawns.

we are so lucky that we have this beautiful resort so close to us – we took the morning boat and in 20 minutes we were there. we were getting the last boat back at 5.30, giving us enough time to have a relaxing lunch by the pool, and enjoy the beach for a couple of hours before heading back to provo.


baby break at parrot cay | myseastorywe weren’t sure how it would work out with the stroller, getting on the boat, access to the restaurant and the beach. we were given a room for the day in case we needed a changing, feeding, napping break, so that was really helpful.

baby break at parrot cay | myseastory

this is MY bed, you can take the crib!

baby break at parrot cay | myseastoryjulia loves hotels – she’s takes after her mum and dad – and loved spending the day here. the resort is not tailored to baby / baby strollers, there are a couple of steps here and there that make it a little more challenging, but some rooms have easier access, and the staff was so friendly, somehow everything worked out. we look forward to coming back soon!

julia-does-pc-2ps – parrot cay baby moon and julia’s first hotel stay

inspiring photographers / 02

9da80f02640f83a6eb300bdb062bbef8i was totally blown away when i spotted these pictures of turks and caicos on style me pretty – they make you just want to dive in!a8ef80732b8514e48868c4599f8e3b85c19faaa98f1a54253677664c8d82a29b taken by wedding photographer lindsay madden, they totally portrait the beauty of our islands.



they are so dreamy and inspiring, i love the colour palette!


more on this wedding here.

made in turks and caicos / jennifer maude design

jennifer-maude-design-3totally blown away by these clutches made in turks and caicos by Jen of Jennifer Maude Design!


Jen just got back from a trip to morocco and brought back loads of inspiration.

you can get them online through her facebook page HERE or stop by Lemon 2 Go tomorrow between 2pm and 3pm, Jen will be there with a bunch to sell.


turks and caicos the movie

the movie, the second part of the worricker trilogy, premiered last week in the UK and has some breathtaking scenes of turks and caicos.

it was so much fun last year when the crew came to provo to film some of the scenes. i can’t wait to watch and try to spot so many friends (and myself?) as film extras!

when to travel to turks and caicos

myseastoryi often get asked this question – what is the best time of the year to travel to turks and caicos – by family and friends looking forward to visit, and friendly readers looking for advice. opinions may vary, but this is mine.

- June to October -

it’s hurricane seasons, you might not want to risk it, but it’s a great time to come to provo, there is usually enough warning if a hurricane is coming and it tends to happen closer to september and october. the weather is amazing (ok, hot and humid), and the prices are more affordable, as it is low season.  september and october are very quiet months, and many restaurants chose to close for the season. lobster seasons starts on august 15th, this may vary year to year, and closes on march 31st. if you like lobster, then you might want to take this in consideration too.

- November until Christmas -

it’s a great time for us who live here, it gets more breezy and not as humid as during the summer. but, because of the time change, the sunset is very early, sometimes around 5.30pm. i personally like staying at the beach until late. if you are an early person, prices are still friendly (except for thanksgiving), and it is a more comfortable weather.

don’t miss the conch festival and the caribbean food and wine festival.

- Christmas and New Year -

busy, busy busy, but fun. the weather is great and you will never feel the island packed, but there is a nice atmosphere all around.

don’t miss the maskanoo.

- February to June -

the island is still busy, prices are overall not as high as christmas and new year’s, except for us bank holidays, restaurants and bars are buzzing, and the weather is great. the days start to get longer and it’s not as humid as in the summer. lobster season finishes mid march.

don’t miss the crab festival and the valentines day cup in middle caicos.

ps – click HERE for more things to do in turks and caicos