my 10 favourite dinners to make at home

cooking-by-myseastoryusually by the time james gets home, after bathing and feeding julia, i’m so tired, i have little to no energy to prepare a sophisticated dinner. sometimes i will try something new, and if its tasty and quick, will add it to our list of go to basic meals to make at home. i keep this list on our fridge door, and will have a look in the morning to make sure we have ingredients at home for that night. here are our go to meals, that we’ve made a million times at home – would love to hear what are yours! Continue reading

family weekend in new york

myseastory-in-new-york-24in september, james and i took julia to new york for the first time. it’s becoming a tradition now, going for a long weekend during this time of the year, since it’s typically quiet, and we were in a much needed break off island.

we were also visiting james’ brothers who hadn’t met julia yet, and his mum who was visiting from california. we tried to pack a little bit of everything in 3 days and find the right balance –  family time + enjoying the city with julia. Continue reading

on instagram lately / 01

october-instagram-by-myseastorythis blog has had its ups and downs, to say the least, but if there is one social media channel i’ve never given up on, is my instagram account – it’s easy, fast, feedback is immediate and it challenges me for more and better inspiration. need-less to say, instagram is here to stay.

if you would like, follow along myseastory’s instagram here

made in turks and caicos / from scratch

from-scratch-by-myseastory-1my friend annie is an awesome baker, the first time i met her she was making a gorgeous barbie cake for a 3 year old, but the best part was the cake tasted like heaven.

she is now making delicious macarons from scratch, here in turks and caicos - hence the name. Continue reading

on blogging

blogging-in-the-caribbean-by-myseastoryi can hardly believe i’ve been blogging since 2011, with a few bumps on the way, it’s definitely been an interesting journey. i started posting with the purpose of sharing a little bit of my island life with friends and family back home. i realized i liked this blogging thing, so i went to ny for a blog workshop, blogshop, with my favorite blogger and photographer. i was really enjoying it, journaling my life and getting to know an amazing community of bloggers out there, and to be honest, the number of readers did keep me going too. Continue reading