algarve | portugal

algarve-by-myseastory-1we’ve been on vacation in portugal for almost a month now, time flies and it’s been a roller coaster of short trips and long summer days spent in lisbon catching up with friends and family. our first stop was in the algarve, we drove just a couple of hours from lisbon, and met up with our friends who live in rio de janeiro and are also spending the summer in portugal. our friend, and james, used to live in the algarve before we moved to turks and caicos, so it was nice to visit our favorite spots. Continue reading

julia 26 / 52

julia-2652julia at 17 months –  every time we stumble upon an electronic kiddie ride, usually at malls, we spoil julia and let her go on a ride. seriously, her smile makes it worth every penny. this one was in the azores last week, after a long lunch and in a much needed and deserved break ♡

a weekly portrait of my daughter 

colombia | bogotá and cartagena

colombia-by-myseastory-1a couple of years ago we travelled to colombia, i was (6 weeks!!) pregnant at the time, working and way too tired, so i skipped the post on our trip… but now my friends are planning to go and asked me about the post, so i though it would be the perfect excuse to revisit all the tips and pictures to share. Continue reading

grace bay beach walks

grace-bay-beach-walks-03a few weeks ago, i challenged myself to go for 20 beach walks before traveling to portugal on vacation. since julia was born, finding the time to exercise has not been an easy task – to make sure i was staying active, taking one hour to go for a beach walk on grace bay beach, sounded like achievable and productive at the same time.

it was a fun challenge and to make it more interesting, i recorded my progress on instagram by taking a picture for every walk (see #gracebaybeachwalks on instagram).

it wasn’t that easy, most times i was only available to go for walks when the sun was too hot, and…i get easily bored of doing the same thing. but i felt active, it helped clear my mind and it was an hour i had to myself 3 times a week. i made it!! and would love to share a few of the pictures here –


ps – my walks on grace bay beach in 2012, and to see all the pictures with this hashtag, click  here