my turks and caicos guide

myseastory-turks-and-caicos-mini-guideas we approach the date to my cousin’s visit, i started drafting yet another email with tips and suggestions on what to do in turks and caicos. every time we have someone visiting i like to put my personal suggestions together hoping that they have the time of their life and don’t miss out on anything. i love doing this and try to give detailed input as if it was for me.

so i thought why not have a permanent short guide for anyone planning to visit? i will keep this info with easy access and update regularly as new places and spots come up (or my opinion changes) – Continue reading

julia 09/52

julia-0952bjulia-0952ajulia at age 1 – “after you said no, how many times can i put this in my mouth, until you get REALLY mad?” always testing me and pushing my buttons – but always pushing me to be a better mum too, teaching me how to be more patient and understanding ♡

a weekly portrait of my daughter (this week two)

shopping in turks and caicos

shopping-in-turks-and-caicos-by-myseastorymoving to turks and caicos has really tought me how to live with little or no shopping – ok, for a certain period of time. here, you don’t feel the need to spend, there is limited choice and the prices are high. on the down side, when i’m off island, i know i have a few days to shop and sometimes not enough time to plan and decide what i really need/want. it’s all or nothing…

if you are craving a little vacations shopping, here is where i like to go (in no particular order)  if i have to get a gift for a friend or when i’m in need of some retail therapy –  Continue reading

julia 08/52

julia-0852julia at age 1 –  those of you who know julia, know this is her happy face, she frowns when she’s the happiest. and although i might not be the craftiest of mums, this home made play dough, at least, made her frown, and that makes it so worth it ♡

a weekly portrait of my daughter

our weekend in santo domingo


we’ve had the dominican republic on our bucket list since we moved here, more than four years ago – there are so many dominicans living on island, and hear so much about it, we were excited to finally visit.

we went for a very short weekend, didn’t rent a car or went shopping, we stayed at the historical centre, and wanted to walk the neighborhood and absorb as much culture and history as we could. the city’s zona colonial, historical centre, was declared as a world heritage site by unesco. Continue reading